When your baby is delivered and you are released home…

Midwives, Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Birth Centers, and local Birthing Groups…. How many descriptions are out there and how do you choose what is right for you? Most people are well prepared up to when the baby is delivered, and they are released home after one or two days. Parents have prepared by reading books and blogs, shopped for all the products available on the market today, and generally think “we are ready!”

It used to be that women stayed for one or two weeks in the maternity ward so they would be taken care of and supported by the nurse who taught them how to take care for their new precious baby. Lactation support, food, time to sleep, and personal care were mandatory allowing the mother to regain her strength.

Nowadays mothers have one maybe two days to get it together and go home. The traditional extended family support is often no longer possible due to a myriad of circumstances including the new Covid19 virus threat. This is the new gap we Postpartum Doulas bridge by offering the care the hospitals no longer perform and that families can no longer offer.

Postpartum Doulas are trained professionals who give in-home education and support, while we do not provide medical care, we are all certified in infant and adult CPR and many are infant feeding specialist. Doulas are guides for the postpartum family unit, providing immediate hands-on education, support, and relief. This includes infant care, mother care, partner, and family care. Doulas do not assume the role of primary caregiver for the newborn child but instead, care, teach and prepare the parents so that parents may care for their new child.

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