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Virtual Postpartum Care

We are happy to announce our virtual care aimed to help new mothers and all newborn caregivers.

Virtual care allows certified doulas to answer your questions and provide guidance in the privacy of your home just like you would receive from an in-person postpartum doula.

Our doulas provide virtual support covering:

  • Newborn Preparation
  • First Day at Home
  • Baby Basics (first 2 weeks)
  • Swaddling
  • Breast & Bottle Feeding
  • Nutrition
  • Mother Wellness
  • Mental Health Support

Just to name a few…

In today’s world where work and family are interconnected, new mothers can feel more isolated.

Many families may be separated by great distances and are unable to be there in person. Doula2talk bridges this gap by allowing new families to reach out and access support in their time of need.

Doulat2talk has also been instrumental in helping new mothers balance their new work-life reality by providing essential support while they are reentering their workplace.

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We believe mothers and babies should have access to professional care from highly trained doulas.



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